Hospitech Industries

Hospilite *star Duo

STAR DUO Ceiling mounted O.T. Light suitable for most of all major and minor surgeries.Aerodynamic shaped sealed domes (made of Aluminium) are laminar flow friendly.Spring balanced, flexible arm positioning without any drift.Autoclavable handle at the centre of the dome.Effective heat absorbing, colour correcting filter & shadow reducing diffuser.Each dome consists of two halogen bulbs as standard.Reserve halogen bulb can be switched ON required.Smooth white powder coated finish. Easy replacement of bulbEach Dome is connected with its individual wall mounted SMPS to ensure constant illumination even during voltage variation use of SMPS extend the life of halogen bulb.
Light Intensity at 01 Mtr. : 2 x 50,000 Lux + 5%Dia of Dome : 475 mm.Halogen Bulbs : 2 x 24V 150WPower Supply : 2 x SMPS 170-270/24V 150VA